Nov 08/11
By David Traina

Back from San Jose

Still buzzing from a wonderful trip to San Jose. The occasion was the annual conference of our newest client—the California Transit Association. The highlight was finally getting to meet Josh, Rob, and Jeff — the guys that will be in the trenches with us for the next several months as we raise the branding bar for public transit. After hanging out with these guys for a few hours, I can honestly say that I can't wait to get started.

At an executive luncheon on Wedesnday I gave a 30-minute presentation on branding in a challenging economy. To my pleasant surprise, most everyone seemed to be interested and no tomatoes were thrown. Here's a brief photo journal of the trip:

San Jose Airport

The San Jose International Airport is amazing.


San Jose Airport

Seriously, I would fly to San Jose just to spend a day walking through this space. And then fly home.


Prepping for the luncheon

1:00AM, room 810 at the SJ Hilton, polishing the presentation on my new Macbook Air. Love it.


Presentation at the luncheon

Sharing branding insights with public transit agency executives. Props to Taras Garcia for the pics.

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