Sep 18/12
By Kat Hyde

A Brave New Ion World

It's a rare and thrilling opportunity to work with innovative clients, particularly when they develop technologies that yield disease-curing, hunger-stopping and world-changing potential. Ion Torrent, a Life Technologies Company, is one such client that we have the privilege of working with.

We recently had the chance to brand their marquee conference, Ion World, which took place at the Sofitel Hotel in South San Francisco, from September 13-14, 2012.

The two-day event featured key note presentations from leading genetic scientists, technology workshops and demonstrations for Ion Torrent’s semiconductor-based genetic sequencing devices, as well as exhibitor booths and scientific poster sessions. The event also marked the launch of their much-buzzed-about Ion Proton Sequencer. The Proton promises to unshackle scientists from sequencing technology that has been both cost and time prohibitive until now. From product launches to new product announcements, the event caused quite a stir in the scientific community, and confirmed Ion Torrent’s position as a welcomed game changer in the next-gen sequencing space.

[caption id="attachment_988" align="alignnone" width="600"] Life Technologies CEO, Greg Lucier introduces Ion Torrent CEO, Jonathan Rothberg during the opening session.[/caption]

For the various event graphics and conference materials, we took a customer-centric approach and highlighted the creativity, innovation, and drive that scientists apply to their daily work. Ion Torrent customers—scientists and researchers who explore DNA to uncover the mysteries of life, disease, energy, etc.—are the Galileos and DaVincis of our time. The graphics we developed began with imaginative portraits of these scientist-artist-innovators. The portraits were supported by textural graphics of flowing chromosomes, DNA strands, and Ion’s semiconductor chips, which were used throughout various conference materials.

[caption id="attachment_977" align="alignnone" width="516"] A tweet from an Ion World attendee.[/caption]


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