Aug 11/14
By Joseph Gunnon

Take-Home Lessons From The Brand Gap

I recently perused our Traina Design library, which is filled with marketing and design materials, and ran across an office favorite, The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier. This quick read packs a punch with its content and visual style. Here’s a summary of my favorite take-home lessons provided by the author. I hope these bring you as much inspiration as they brought me.

  • On Branding: Modern society is information-rich and time-poor. The value of your brand grows in direct proportion to how quickly and easily customers can say yes to your offering.
  • Differentiate: Our brains filter out irrelevant information letting in only what’s different and useful. Tell me again, why does your product matter?
  • Collaborate: By asking left-brainers and right-brainers to work as a team, you bridge the gap between logic and magic. With collaboration, one plus one equals eleven.
  • Innovate: It’s design, not strategy, that ignites passion in people. And the magic behind better design and better business is innovation.
  • Validate: Measure your company’s brand expressions for distinctiveness, relevance, memorability, extendibility, and depth.
  • Cultivate: A living brand is a never-ending play, and every person in the company is an actor. People see the play whenever they experience the brand, and then they tell others.

Neumeier, M (2006). The Brand Gap: How to bridge the distance between business strategy and design. Berkeley, CA: New Riders.

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