Jun 17/15
By Joseph Gunnon

The surf factor

When you think of Southern California, you think of surfing. The laid-back vibe, the lingo, the sandals—who doesn’t want to be a part of it? So it’s no surprise that surfing culture has found its way into Traina, where our design team often has sand between the ears, and wax between the toes.

Looking around our office, you can see bits and pieces of surf culture everywhere. You’ll see walls adorned with large canvas prints of waves (great for mind-surfing), a board or two lying under the ping pong table, books about big wave surfing in our library, and board shorts (commonly worn to work after a morning session). But surfing has done much more than influence our fashion and decor—it’s influenced who we are as a firm, and made a lasting impact on the work we produce.

Our love of surf finds expression in many of the projects that we produce, from our work for San Diego Tourism and UC San Diego to our own letterpress calendars and T-shirts. In most cases, surf imagery is not the answer to the design problems we face everyday. In these cases, surfing still has an impact on our work and approach: we thoughtfully curate our quiver of clients, paddle out into new market opportunities, duck dive mediocrity, scan the horizon for that big idea, and drop into that powerful wave of brand ingenuity that yields a stoked client.

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