Apr 11/17
By David Traina

Our team is growing

Traina recently added a powerful new weapon to its digital arsenal. World class interactive designer, comic book aficionado and heavy metal enthusiast, Leo Rabelo has joined the crew as our Interactive Design Director.

Leo brings more than a decade of experience working on traditional advertising, video and 3D. After moving to San Diego from Brazil 6 years ago, Leo decided to pursue his passion for interactive design. 
Brazilian with 1/4 Italian, 1/3 Portuguese, and 1/7 Scottish heritage, Leo enjoys the fact that some people think he is Russian (ask him). In his spare time, Leo enjoys hanging with his wife and kids, visiting comic book shops, and rocking out at local venues. We’re super stoked to have Leo on board and know that his talent and expertise will help take our digital capabilities to the next level.

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