Feb 02/18
By Mark Gallo

Discovery on demand

With Amazon Prime, Uber, Netflix, you can get just about anything on-demand nowadays, so why should scientists expect any less. Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed tools to enable their customers to not only custom design sequencing panels online, but now they can create them on-demand from their selection of pre-qualified targets - saving weeks of prep time. To help launch the new Ampliseq on demand panels, we developed a campaign that said “ready-to-use”, “easy-to-order” and “at your fingertips”.

Since the new panels not only are delivered faster, but also offer additional optimization and automation features that make them ready to go right out of the box, we built our campaign around convenience and easy access. The visuals were simple enough, but the positioning of eppendorf tubes in disposable packaging (and vending machines) was completely unexpected in the space. The campaign was rolled out in web banners, email and print ads with custom messaging for each benefit.

See more of our work for Thermo Fisher Scientific here.

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