When to consider a rebrand, part 1 of 5

If consumer culture is demanding change, listen

David Traina


December 23, 2020 / Branding, Business, Clients

Even well-established and long-loved brands must face this undeniable reality: things change. This five-part series highlights situations that may call for a brand evolution—starting with when consumers demand it.

Today’s consumers have the power to make or break brands. A single post on social media can ignite a global movement overnight. If your brand is on the wrong side of that movement, it can have devastating business consequences.

When a brand once considered innocent and endearing starts to be perceived as insensitive, tone deaf, or out of touch, taking quick and meaningful action is the only option. A rebrand can change the conversation.

Case in point: The Washington Redskins

You know what’s even better than responding to consumer demand for a change to your brand? Evolving proactively.

The Redskins, the Indians, and countless other organizations ignored consumer pressure until it threatened their financial viability. They get points for finally changing. But they missed opportunities to create even stronger, more relevant brands by showing consumers that they’re heard and respected.

Watch the trends. Listen to consumers. And change when change is due.

Read about other times to consider a rebrand in Part 2.

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