When to consider a rebrand, part 2 of 5

If your outdated brand is holding back your innovative technology, change it

David Traina


January 11, 2021 / Branding, Business, Clients

When done well, a brand’s identity makes it unique and memorable, and it communicates to the world who that brand is and what it stands for. But what if your brand is saying all the wrong things about your technology?

Even the most incredible breakthrough technology is useless if potential customers, analysts, and stakeholders don’t perceive it as something cutting-edge from a leader in the space. The reality is that perception is everything. And branding has everything to do with that perception.

For example, let’s say you arrive at a hotel marketed as redefining the five-star experience, only to find a dated exterior that in no way suggested an exceptional or even pleasant experience awaited you inside. Would you even bother going in? Probably not. A wrong or negative first impression could just as easily influence consideration of new technologies.

If your corporate brand looks out of touch or inconsistent, so will the technology it represents—and the company that makes it. A rebrand that better reflects your vision, mission, and leadership can elevate your technology at first glance and set you up to succeed for the duration.

Case in point: Lytx

Clearly, modernizing your brand to match your technology can be worth more than you know. Innovative technologies often disrupt the accepted way of doing things. That makes most people nervous. Projecting expertise, leadership, and a cutting-edge mentality inspires confidence. And confidence sells.

Read about other times to consider a rebrand in Part 3.

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