When to consider a rebrand, part 4 of 5

If you have a differentiating ingredient brand, elevate it

David Traina


January 26, 2021 / Branding, Business, Clients

You may have a competitive advantage already in your brand toolbox and not recognize it for what it could be. When technologies, products, or services become visible for powering higher-profile brands, rebranding can amplify that momentum.

Intel introduced the brilliance of ingredient branding in the 90s with “Intel inside,” the tagline that elevated an otherwise unsexy and largely commoditized product, microprocessor chips, to a game-changing differentiator.

Since then, many established brands have used ingredient branding as a way to stand out in intensely crowded spaces by communicating additional value, be it premium quality, ultra-convenience, or something else that uniquely satisfies a customer need.

When consumers are faced with choosing among a plethora of good options from brands they trust, a well-positioned ingredient brand can be the tipping point.

Case in point: OnStar

Maybe you have an undervalued ingredient brand that you can elevate in partnership with other important brands, like Intel did with PC makers. Or maybe it’s one that can boost the worth and credibility of your own business. Either way, it deserves a second look.

Come back Monday, February 1, to read Part 5 of 5.

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