When to consider a rebrand, part 5 of 5

If you want to attract a new audience, especially a younger one, brand for it

David Traina


February 1, 2021 / Branding, Business, Clients

How do we appeal to Millennials? It’s a question every marketer has asked or been asked repeatedly over the last few years. And now there are two new generations of potential customers to woo. What’s a brand to do?

Targeting a younger audience for the first time can be especially tricky for brands with a long history. Retro works for clothes, cars, and music. But for brands that want to stay relevant to current customers while also appealing to new generations of customers, coming off as a relic is definitely not cool.

That said, rebranding to attract a new audience isn’t abandoning everything the brand stands for. It’s about evolving the brand to help more people identify with its value, in a way that’s still authentic to the brand.

While it may be painful to consider reimagining a brand with a legacy that’s decades in the making, rebranding may be the best way to shake an undesirable association and signal to the world that your brand is what’s now.

Case in point: Buick

A strategic rebrand done at the right time, in the right way, for the right reasons can have a huge positive impact. But make no mistake, it’s a complex undertaking that requires time, effort, budget, and buy-in from the top down. Whether you’re considering a brand facelift or a full-scale reinvention, proceed with care, patience, and an open mind.

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