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May 04/17

Grindstone or die

In the mid 1970’s Southern California was hit with a serious drought that led to hot days, brown grass, dried up water hoses and drained pools. The streets were no longer flooded with kids running through ...

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Apr 28/17

Everything I know about leading a design team, I learned from coaching

I’ve always loved sports. I grew up playing football, basketball, ran track, and played college volleyball. After college, I got into coaching at the high school level and even ran my own club teams for a ...

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Apr 11/17

Our team is growing

Traina recently added a powerful new weapon to its digital arsenal. World class interactive designer, comic book aficionado and heavy metal enthusiast, Leo Rabelo has joined the crew as our Interactive Design Director.

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Apr 04/17

Dear Kerri

Dear Kerri: I just can’t decide. Should I use stock or invest in original photography? Which do you recommend? ... ...

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Mar 16/17

Traina strikes gold (again!) at the 2017 ADDYs

We’re thrilled to announce that it was another winning year for Traina at the San Diego American Advertising Awards. ... ...

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Mar 10/17


Each day, billions of people all across the globe are constantly communicating, interacting, and sharing. About 2.3 billion of them are doing it via social media. ... ...

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Feb 14/17

Dear Kerri

Dear Kerri: I’ve heard horror stories of clients burning out their agency partner, and want to avoid making that same mistake. Could you give me some tips?
–Client-side Newbie ... ...

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Jan 27/17

The importance of color

At the heart of a great image are composition and story. Once the image is taken, and the moment has passed — what's the next step? For me personally, it's always color. Color is one of the ...

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Jan 23/17

Meet Kristi

Traina is excited to welcome Director of Account Services, Kristi Jones to the team. Kristi has 15+ years of brand and account management experience and thrives on the fast-paced energy of agency life. During her career, ...

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Sep 23/16

Traina keeps on growing

We're psyched to welcome Account Manager Kerri Benecke and Junior Designer Luke Armitage to the Traina team. Last year when we brought in new team members, we shared a bit about them and their fave SoCal ...

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