Feb 01/21

When to consider a rebrand, part 5 of 5

How do we appeal to Millennials? It’s a question every marketer has asked or been asked repeatedly over the last few years. And now there are two new generations of potential customers ...

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Jan 26/21

When to consider a rebrand, part 4 of 5

You may have a competitive advantage already in your brand toolbox and not recognize it for what it could be. When technologies, products, or services become visible for powering higher-profile brands, rebranding ...

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Jan 18/21

When to consider a rebrand, part 3 of 5

Brands are built (hopefully) on a thorough understanding of the market/industry. That understanding shapes how brands speak to consumers, what they talk about, and how they make consumers feel. But it’s not ...

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Jan 11/21

When to consider a rebrand, part 2 of 5

When done well, a brand’s identity makes it unique and memorable, and it communicates to the world who that brand is and what it stands for. But what if your brand is ...

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Dec 23/20

When to consider a rebrand, part 1 of 5

Even well-established and long-loved brands must face this undeniable reality: things change. This five-part series highlights situations that may call for a brand evolution—starting with when consumers demand it.

Today’s consumers have the ...

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Jun 08/20

Preparing your brand for what comes next

Let’s imagine the moment when this era of lockdowns, social distancing and toilet paper hoarding comes to a glorious if not abrupt end. Who knows what the world will look like, but one thing is certain—it ...

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