Transformed by technology

A cultural renaissance is underway at Microsoft. With renewed pride and purpose, the company has scrapped old habits, adopted a new collaborative mindset, and made the customer experience their single obsession.

To showcase this new approach, Microsoft asked us to produce a series of videos, each one focused on a specific project. The videos are the first of their kind, bringing the Microsoft illustration style to life in animation.

Interactive storytelling with Sway

The videos were delivered via Sway—an interactive, digital storytelling app. The final product told the story of transformation at Microsoft through a combination of animations, video, motion graphics, and more. Since the release of this project, our Sway capabilities have been in high demand across the company


Bringing complex information
to life with motion.

The “One Microsoft” transformation was particularly impactful on the IT division of Microsoft, where groups accustomed to working in silos were reorganized around a “One IT” vision. We were asked to create a video that quickly conveyed the move from chaos to clarity.

Additional case studies