Bringing IT to life

Microsoft is home to one of the largest and most innovative IT teams on the planet—Microsoft IT. But, not long ago, few knew they existed. And those who did, even within Microsoft, had no clue who they actually were. The group needed to elevate its image, boost its stock within the company, and connect with enterprise customers. So they asked Traina to help craft their story, create their brand identity, and introduce them to the world.

Services provided:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Messaging
  • Collateral
  • Video/Motion
  • Web/Digital
  • Infographics
  • Environment


Getting to the core

Our effort began with a deep dive into the group’s culture and product. Through a series of interviews and meetings with key stakeholders, we gained an appreciation for Microsoft IT’s mission, values, and vision. That led to the creation of the group’s messaging framework, and a powerful story began to surface.

We then developed a visual identity for the team—one unique enough to differentiate them, while also aligning with the Microsoft brand. The new visual system includes expressive portraits, vibrant illustrations, rich colors, and clever one-liners that playfully reference their service offerings and collaborative spirit.




The internal launch

Rebranding efforts are successful externally only if they are wholeheartedly adopted internally. Our internal launch took place at an all-hands meeting in front of all 7,000 Microsoft IT employees. Simultaneously, several other tactics supporting the launch were published, including a microsite, a brand book, multiple “Showcase” success stories, posters, and more. The new brand identity quickly took root internally, and soon it was time to go public.




The external launch

The external effort centered on the creation and launch of the Executive Report and IT Showcase websites. The sites and accompanying mobile apps are a robust showcase of the innovations Microsoft IT has brought to both Microsoft and its customers. We also produced a series of animated videos that highlight ways in which the team is driving the digital transformation of Microsoft.



The secret’s out

Today, Microsoft IT is no longer innovating in the shadows. Both within Microsoft and across the global IT industry, the group is now respected as a thought leader and an invaluable resource.

Consistent with the sole constant of change in the high-tech space, the group was reorganized in late 2017 and renamed “Core Services Engineering.” For us, and our clients, it’s an opportunity to introduce the world to its most extraordinary IT crew—all over again. Stay tuned.



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